1907 ~ Rare Cinderella Buffalo Pottery Pitcher Jug

1907 ~ Rare Cinderella Buffalo Pottery Pitcher Jug

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This wonderful pitcher illustrates the story of Cinderella. It is transfer printed in brown with hand clobbered decoration in enamel rusty red, light blue, brown, yellow and green, on a creamy earthenware body. It stands 6" tall at spout. The lower portion, under the spout is 5 1/2" H. The wide spout is about 4.5" wide. The jug tapers to a 3 1/4" round base. The handle is applied.

This rare piece illustrates the fairy-tale story of Cinderella. One side features a coaching scene, with Cinderella in her carriage being transported by six white horses in red drapes, a coachman, and six guards riding on the back of the coach. The coach is not a pumpkin, but a regular coach typical of the era. The reverse side shows the prince on bended knee, waiting for Cinderella to remove her shoes. He is in royal attire, while she is dressed in her peasant clothing. The pitcher is further decorated with Art Nouveau style decorative bands of acanthus leaves along the top, bottom, handle, and along the inside rim. The word "Cinderella" is spelled out on the inside spout. The handle contains the latin phrase "Honi soit qui mal y pense”,  the motto of the English chivalric Order of the Garter.It is also written as part of the maker’s mark on the bottom of the jug. The motto roughly translates to “Evil be to him who evil thinks".

The piece was made by The Buffalo Pottery. This American company, based in Buffalo New York, was established by the Larkin Soap Company after 1902. Although the company’s primary interest was soap, the company began producing a line of art pottery as a means of marketing their product. Much of the pottery in their early years was produced to give away with the purchase of their products. Through the years, the company evolved into producers of utilitarian ware to be sold to restaurants, transportation companies, and for household use. They are best  known for their Deldare Pottery, and their line of of children’s fairy tales was extremely unique.

The jug is in exceptionally good condition. This is a great piece for collectors of Buffalo Pottery and transferwares, or anyone who loves the story of  Cinderella.