Clarke's Patent Pyramid Fairy Food Warmer 

Clarke's Patent Pyramid Fairy Food Warmer 

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Old Stoneware
Clarke's Patent Pyramid Fairy Food Warmer
No 1 Half Pint Size
Staffordshire England c1895

This is a patented “Pyramid Food Warmer” trademarked in the 1880s by Samuel Clarke.

The covered food crock stands 4 1/2" tall to the top of the button finial and measures about 4” across the top rim, with a loop handle and pouring spout. This object is grandly titled 'Samuel Clarke's Pyramid Food Warmer' but is also known as a pap warmer, tea warmer pannikin and/or milk warmer.

Food warmers were in common use throughout the 19th century. This one was made in England and dates to c1895, toward the end of the Victorian period. It carries a British  Royal Coat of Arms with a  lion and unicorn and the motto “SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE. DIEU ET MON DROIT.” It also carries a FAIRY trademark, a British registration number 91241 and an amusing rhyming jingle that reads:

When nights are dark

then think of Clarke

Who's hit the mark precisely

For his Night-Lights create Light-Nights

In which you see quite nicely.

Food warmers were used to prepare a warm mixture of “pap” made of flour or bread with diluted milk. Food warmers were found in nurseries and sick rooms.

Rare small size.  The set is in overall excellent condition.  It displays great and is still functional for a whimsical kitchen accessory and addition to a kitchenalia or transfer printed advertising collection.