Early Stoneware Staffordshire Pilgrim Flask 1820

Early Stoneware Staffordshire Pilgrim Flask 1820

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Staffordshire England ~ c.1820

This is a spectacular Pilgrim Flask, c. 1820, possibly earlier.  It measures about 5 1/8 " in diameter and about 6 3/4 " tall and about 2 1/2 " deep. 

This form is called a Pilgrim Flask because men carried these flasks (filled with water and gin) on pilgrimages. Sometimes these flasks were called Moon Flasks, after the name of the original Chinese design. The flask hails from the Staffordshire region of England. The maker is unknown.

The flask is impeccably potted and finely hand painted with alternating red, green and blue over the moulded edge.  The neck is painted blue with outlines in black that also extend around the edge of the piece. Similar to Gaudy Welsh and Gaudy Dutch, the flask has finely detailed painting repeating on both sides with an intricate Adams Rose accompanied by bluebells and lily of the valley.

The flask is in fine condition with a small glaze chip to the rim and normal stilt marks and other typical manufacturing imperfections. An outstanding example of a very rare form and exquisite pattern.