English Transferware 1.5 Pint Jug ~ Fresh MILK

English Transferware 1.5 Pint Jug ~ Fresh MILK

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Rare English Transferware 1.5 Pint Jug


Emma Bridgewater & Matthew Rice ~ England 1989 (Retired)

This is a great mid-century studio production pottery jug from England. This rare milk or cream pitcher holds 1-1/2 pints, standing 5-1/2 inches high and measuring 7 inches across. It is transfer printed in rich silky black. Using traditional technique for transfer printing and firing earthenware pottery, the creamer was made by Emma Bridgewater based on designs Matthew Rice. The couple owns one the most popular and collectible contemporary studio potteries in England.

The vintage jug is decorated with dairy images -- cows grazing on one side, milk barrels in the middle and a gorgeous Jersey cow on the other side, labelled with banners 'FRESH MILK' and ‘BEST QUALITY’ around the top rim. The jug is part of the Bridgewater 'DAIRY RANGE' created in the 1980s and discontinued/retired in 1989.

The jug is marked BRIDGEWATER DIARY RANGE Hand Made in England. The jug is in first quality condition with no chips cracks or repairs. New old stock in a popular collectible line of British studio pottery.