English Transferware Antique  ANCHOVY PASTE Pot and Lid 1885

English Transferware Antique ANCHOVY PASTE Pot and Lid 1885

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Made in the Staffordshire Region of England    c. 1885

This Victorian 3 1/2 " wide x 1 3/4 " tall covered ceramic earthenware container was made during Victorian times and contained a finely ground Anchovy fish paste.  During Victorian and Edwardian times, these pots allowed people to keep fish and bloater pastes without spoiling.

Victorian Anchovy Paste, a popular edible paste, made by Burgess's, a famous fish sauce warehouse located at 107 Strand, at the corner of the Savoy Steps in London.

The English Coat of Arms, including the crowned English Lion and the sinister Scottish unicorn, chained because he was considered a dangerous beast. It also includes the motto of the English monarchs, Dieu et Mon droit (God and my right) and the motto of the Order of the Garter, Honi soit qui mal y pense (shamed be he who thinks ill of it).

The piece is in great condition without damage.  The base is original but has tan age toning.