Quack Medicine ~ Confection of SENNA ~ 1890 ~ Intestinal Ailments

Quack Medicine ~ Confection of SENNA ~ 1890 ~ Intestinal Ailments

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Genuine Victorian Green Transfer Printed
Senna Quack Medicine

for the cure of a hundred and one Intestinal Ailments

Boots Cash Chemists, England  c. 1890

This is a fabulous transferware pot or crock, circa 1890, salvaged from a Victorian tip in England. It once contained Senna, a preparation of the extracts odf the Senna plant and other snake oil additives.  Quack medicine?  Some swear that it helps as a sleep aid, cure the common cold, disfunctions of all types.

This preparation is an excellent laxative for habitual constipation, superior, perhaps, to any other remedy. Much of the confection of senna of the market is comparatively worthless. Pharmaceutically considered, the officinal process yields a result which is unobjectionable.  The presence of the powders of senna imparts a degree of "grittiness" which is disagreeable to the patient, giving the impression that "dirt" is present.

The crock stands 4 " tall and 2 7/8 " wide. It is nicely potted with a cut rim and an under glaze transfer in rare colored green. It is in great condition with no issues.

This diminutive medical nutritional piece is wildly amusing, a throwback to a much simpler and goofier time in the world of medicine. The piece will make a great addition to any collection of transfer printed advertising wares or quack medicines.