Quack Medicine Heal ~All Ointment Pot ~ 1880

Quack Medicine Heal ~All Ointment Pot ~ 1880

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Genuine Victorian Transfer Printed Pot

Oils for Rheumatism ~ Oils for Bronchitis

London England
c. 1880

This is a fabulous black transferware ointment pot or crock, circa 1880.  It once contained Ointment advertised as the cure for many an ailment! This ointment was made and sold by Mrs. Ellen Hale, well known as a "snake oil" saleswoman in Britain. The product was shear quackery, but the Chemist was well know for her products. 

The crock was made in the Staffordshire district and is transfer printed in black. The pot has the name of the product as well as the many boastful claims.  Probably contained a salve made of bear's grease fat mixed with magical herbs.

The crock stands 2 " tall and 3” wide. It is well potted and without any chips or cracks.  Quite dirty but decided not to clean it as there is a golden yellow dust to the inside which is probably the remains of the original magic ointment.

The piece will make a great addition to any collection of transfer printed advertising wares or quack medicines .