Quack Medicine ~ Scrofula Tuberculosis Ointment Pot ~ 1880

Quack Medicine ~ Scrofula Tuberculosis Ointment Pot ~ 1880

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Genuine Victorian Transfer Printed

for the cure of Scrofula ~ Inverterate Ulcers ~ Ulcerated Sore Legs ~ Burns ~ Scalds ~ Ringworms ~ Sore Heads ~ and all Cutaneous Diseases

New York and London
c. 1880

This is a fabulous tiny little transferware ointment pot or crock, circa 1880, salvaged from a Victorian tip in England. It once contained Holloway's Ointment, advertised as the cure for whatever ails you! This ointment was made and sold by "Professor" Thomas Holloway, the most well known of all the "snake oil" salesmen in Britain. The product was shear quackery, but the Professor was highly successful in aggressive advertising schemes before he died in 1883.

Mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis, also known as scrofula or King's evil, refers to a lymphadenitis of the cervical lymph nodes associated with tuberculosis.

The crock was made in the Staffordshire district and is transfer printed in rare brown.  The tiny crock stands a mere 1 1/2" tall and 1 7/8" wide.  Overall remarkable condition especially considering it is about 130 years old.  Outstanding clear transfer and condition, right out of my collection.