Scottish Carpet Ball ~ For A Good Boy

Scottish Carpet Ball ~ For A Good Boy

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This is a genuine Carpet Ball or Carpet Bowl as they were known in Scotland. Made in the mid to late twentieth century as a replica of the early Victorian carpet balls, the medium sized ceramic ball measures 3” in diameter, heavy duty solid glazed and decorated ironstone  with hand painted concentric red circles and a rare reserve that reads ‘FOR A DEAR BOY’. 

Carpet bowling was an indoor game popular in Scotland and later England. It was played indoors as a parlor game using heavy ceramic balls known in Scotland as ‘Piggies’.  The game was extremely popular between 1860 and 1880 and almost every home had a set.   It was a popular pastime and was encouraged by the churches to discourage young men from partaking in alcohol and mischief. Local school hallways were used as bowling halls. Similar to Bocce or lawn bowling, the goal was to get your ball closest to a smaller plain "Jack" while knocking your opponents' ball out of the way. 

Carpet balls are back in vogue for home decorating, displayed in a bowl or simply sitting on a shelf. Because of their popularity, there is a proliferation of reproduction carpet balls from China.  (We guarantee this one to be from UK.) 

The carpet ball was made in the past 40-50 years in Scotland. There is no maker's mark. The condition is great with only a minor stilt mark. A glorious example of the finest in recent English folk art, and an amazing Stocking Stuffer to add to any collection of early toy goods or early English ceramics for a dear boy.