Three Quack Medicine Ointment Eye Bath Pedestals ~ 1870

Three Quack Medicine Ointment Eye Bath Pedestals ~ 1870

Code: 12255


Rare Sizes 1870 ~ 1880 ~ 1890

Genuine Victorian Transfer Printed
Thomas Singleton's Eye Ointment - pre 1880

England  c. 1870

These are superb Singletons Eye Ointments / Eye bath pots, dating from around 1870 and found in great condition. This pots have superb incised blue transferred lettering and a lovely pedestal with a great feature indented surround. 

Thomas Singleton was born in 1700 and died in 1779. During that time, he sold ointment in small pots bearing his signature. The original pots are very rare and had a large pedestal at the base so that the sufferer could press the thin ointment layer against his eye. Following his death, the ointment was sold by his grand-daughter who married the famous potter, Stephen Green who took over the business in 1825. 

By 1832, the ointment was so popular that legal action was taken to prevent copycat pots. The ointment continued to be sold years after the death of Stephen Green, always bearing the blue writing of "Singleton's Eye Ointment".