Victorian WHITE CHERRY Tooth Paste Pot Lid 1880

Victorian WHITE CHERRY Tooth Paste Pot Lid 1880

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Genuine Victorian Transfer Printed
c. 1880

This is a fascinating toothpaste pot, circa 1880. It once contained Toothpaste flavored with Cherry, one of the early varieties of toothpaste used in Britain. Tooth cleaning first become a hygenic standard in 18th century England, primarily for the upper classes, and was accomplished with a variety of strange tools. Tooth paste began appearing in the 19th century, and was marketed in these beautiful pots beginning in the 1880s, when nearly every chemist or pharmacist began formulating his own recipe and printing their own pots for advertising. This popular formulation using Cherry extract to make the paste a bit more palatable.

The pot lid and base was made in the Staffordshire district and is transfer printed in black. The attractive lid bears the name of the product within a scroll surrounded by images of Cherry blossoms and a cluster of ripe Cherries. 2 3”/4 wide x 1 1/4" tall
The pieces are in good condition. It is in remarkable condition especially considering it was buried for about 120 years.

This diminutive little piece is wildly amusing, a throwback to a much simpler and goofier time in the world of dentistry. The piece will make a great addition to any collection of transfer printed advertising wares or quack medicines, and would make a fabulous gift for the dentist in your life!