VIROL Quack Medicine ~ Invalid Food ~ 1880

VIROL Quack Medicine ~ Invalid Food ~ 1880

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Genuine Victorian Transfer Printed
Virol Quack Medicine
For the cure of a hundred and one Ailments

England c. 1880

This is a fabulous transferware pot or crock, circa 1880, salvaged from a Victorian tip in England. It once contained Virol, a preparation of Bone-Marrow and other snake oil additives.  Quack medicine?  Some swear that it helps as a sleep aid, cure the common cold, disfuntions of all types.

For the patient who is always "below par"

For the patient who stays obstinately in the convalescent stage, for neurasthenic, the dyspeptic, for the hundred and one ills due to starved nerves and under-nourishment.  

The crock stands 4 " tall and 2 5/8 " wide. It is  potted with a precision cut rim and applied under glaze transfer. It is in great condition.