WEDGWOOD Formosa Border Plate CARD MOTTO Puck Staffordshire c1878

WEDGWOOD Formosa Border Plate CARD MOTTO Puck Staffordshire c1878

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Rare Wedgwood Aesthetic Movement Cabinet Plate
Staffordshire England c1878

This scarce cabinet plate was made in England during the height of the 19th century Aesthetic movement. The round plate measures 9-1/2 inches in diameter with a scalloped rim. It dates from the year 1878, made by the Wedgwood factory in the Staffordshire potting region of England.

The border of this colorful Victorian display piece is decorated in Wedgwood’s Formosa Border. The central image was part of the ‘Card Motto’ series produced by Wedgwood, featuring amusing Puckish illustrations of various mottos and maxims from classical philosophy and literature. This illustration is in the style of Puck, showing four clownish imps falling over in laughter as a cat comes crashing through cooking pot. The motto on the plate is:


The motto originates from the Greek philosopher Epictetus, who asserts that true wealth is not about having great possessions, but in having few wants.

The plate is marked with a printed and impressed WEDGWOOD and the date stamp representing the year 1878. It also includes the decorator’s mark A4445/12. The Wedgwood factory produced the Card Motto images on a variety of shapes and sizes of plates, encircled in a variety of artistic borders, most desirable of which is this Formosa border.

The plate in great condition with no chips cracks or repairs. A couple of insignificant fleabite size flakes along the enamel painted rim, consistent with prior use. Offered as is and as described.