Zoological Sketches Transferware Plates ~ Lemur Racoon 1820 4available

Zoological Sketches Transferware Plates ~ Lemur Racoon 1820 4available

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Spectacular Staffordshire Transferware Plate


Job Meigh & Son Staffordshire England c.1820

This stunning black Staffordshire transferware plate, c. 1820 measure 8 1/2” in diameter was impeccably potted and finely transfer printed in a rich bittersweet black with pearlware glaze, gadrooned edge and scalloped rim.

The central image depicts a pair of raccoons or ring-tailed cats or lemur or mammal created with the pen of a natural historian. The bold border and background features exotic birds along with lavish flowers. An absolutely stunning composition.

The plates were made by Job Meigh and Sons, c. 1820, in the Staffordshire region of England, as part of the elusive the Zoological Sketches series.

According to the Transferware Collector's Club source print database, the image may have originated in the book "A Cabinet of Quadrupeds" by Peter Jackson, Fisher & Son, St. Martin's-Le-Grand, London dated 1796. This pattern is part of a large series that depicts different quadrupeds and animals on each size and shape. The engraved source prints were also used by Enoch Woods, Ralph Hall and Copeland & Garrett in other transferware zoological series.

Never used and very clean.  The plates are in great condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

4 available