C 1900 ~ Bulls Eye Rabbitware Ironstone CHARGER Platter

C 1900 ~ Bulls Eye Rabbitware Ironstone CHARGER Platter

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c 1900 ~ Stick Spatter Bulls Eye Rabbitware Ironstone Large CHARGER Platter

Staffordshire, England ~ c.1900

This is a large colorful hand painted transferware round charger platter, c. 1900, from the genre of rabbitware plates and very little is known about the actual origin of these wonderfully whimsical rabbit wares.  12 3/4 inches wide…a photo shows its large size next to an average supper sized plate.

Rabbitware is a combination of transfer printing and stick sponge or spatterware. 

The center of the charger is hand painted with enamels in red, blue and green in the Bulls Eye pattern.  Transfer printed Rabbits and frogs grace the rim of the platter.  Absolutely stunning !

A charger is a rare form in this highly collected art form.  

Great, bright and clean.  A two inch hairline off the rim.   Heavy substantial piece.