Early Pearlware Plate ~ The Peasant Girl 1830

Early Pearlware Plate ~ The Peasant Girl 1830

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Staffordshire England  ~  c. 1830

This is a 8 " child's transferware plate , circa 1830.  The plate is light weight and beautifully potted with a pearlware glaze.

It is transfer printed in dark blue with a scalloped rim and a bold red band along the rim.  A thin red stripe encases a young milk maiden wearing a hoop to prevent the milk from spilling.  Her whimsical dog gaily trots at her side.  Delicious piece of history.

It most certainly was made in the Staffordshire district. Plates like this were made as gifts for good children and rewards of merit, used to aid in children's education and moral training, and to encourage their imaginations in the early 19th century. The images were taken from copperplate engravings used in children's books of the same period.

The condition is Excellent  Clean and bright, and little wear.  Nicely potted and the transfers were applied with a good deal of attention to detail.