English Ironstone Margarine Dairy Shop Display Stand

English Ironstone Margarine Dairy Shop Display Stand

Code: 10127


This large ironstone MARGARINE display advertising stand was originally used for displaying butter, margarine and other dairy products on the grocer’s shop counter. It measures 16 1/2” across and 2 1/2” tall and has a center well.  
The decorative advertising is printed in black.

The Dairy Supply Companies supplied grocers and butchers the slabs to offer a customer to purchase slices of margarine, cut off and sold.  A sturdy stand was meant for the heavy duty trade use and easily adaptable to a country kitchen or a contemporary cheese and wine shop.

The stand is in great condition with almost no wear other than the top of margarine rubbed off and a small hairline to the side only at the hand holes.  A very heavy substantial piece.
The workmanship is similar to early plumbing fitting, was meant to be durable.  A great example, offered as is.
Very popular with the American market today although probably first made for the English trade.