Salesman Sample Trial Plate Staffordshire England Grey Palette

Salesman Sample Trial Plate Staffordshire England Grey Palette

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Artist Paint Color Salesman Sample Trial Plate Staffordshire England Grey Palette

This porcelain color sample trial plate form a very unusual collectors item, or art studio/interior design/shop prop. The plate measures 10-1/2 inches in diameter. It represents a selection of kiln fired enamel paints that were made for pottery and porcelain decoration.

The blank plate was fabricated in Staffordshire England, and painted to demonstrate the use of a spectrum or range of colors when applied to the porcelain material. The shows a graduated palette of shades tints and hues in the grey (white to black) family, all hand painted by the artist. The enamel colors were dabbed on, each color assigned a number, appearing to be historical colors, and then the plate was fired at over 800-840 degrees. The back of the plate bears a serial number. The plate is unsigned and has no makers mark or artist name, possibly being made for the artist’s personal use. The plate is contemporary, no more than 20 years old. Found in the Staffordshire region and guaranteed authentic.

Test/Color Sample Plates were used as a guide for painters to ensure consistency in colors, for practice work or to show colors to customers. It might also have been displayed in a shop, carried by paint salesman and offered in pottery manuacturers catalogs. These were not typically available for purchase.

The plate is in great condition with no chips cracks or repairs. Minor overfiring of a few of the color dabs, original to the making. Fine original condition.

The plate is unique, one of a kind perfect for the artist potter or anyone with an artistic flair.