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Mulberry / Flow Black Staffordshire Platter ~ Indian Scenery 1830

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Large Rare Transferware Staffordshire Platter

RARE Indian Scenery Pattern

William Hackwood Potteries
Hanley, Staffordshire England c.1827 - 1843

This spectacular earthenware Staffordshire transferware platter measures a generous 17 " long x 13 3/8 " wide.  The piece is impeccably potted and transfer printed in a flow black or mulberry, very appealing to flow blue collectors.  Ponding of the pearlware glaze gives the platter a 3-D view.  Rare to find in this color and a rare pattern in any color.

The border features floral and botanical sprays, including rare pumpkins, and the center well
has an Elephant with hunting party and a Bengal Tiger.  An absolutely stunning composition.

Never Used.  The platter is in great condition A heavy application of the pearlware glaze, three normal stilt marks to the face of the platter.